Jelena, member of the Standing Committee of Kunshan Municipal Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department, visited and investigated in Zhou.


2023-04-18 15:50

On the afternoon of April 6th, Jelena, member of the Standing Committee of Kunshan Municipal Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, and Yu Wujun, chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) and his party visited the week for investigation. Tang Ao, Party Secretary of Zhouzhuang Town, and Yuan Ting, Vice Mayor, accompanied the investigation.

Minister Chen and his party came to Jiangsu Chenyu Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and visited the production workshop and exhibition hall of the enterprise to learn more about the enterprise concept, market operation, project operation and e-commerce sales. During the period, Minister Chen conducted in-depth communication on the future development path of the enterprise, and fully affirmed the achievements made by Wenchuang enterprises in recent years and the development ideas for the next stage.

Jiangsu Chenyu Cultural Art Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade decorative oil painting enterprise integrating manual production, creation, exhibition and sales. Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 13,000 copyright certificates and 47 patents, of which 80% are copyrighted works.

At the subsequent symposium, Minister Chen put forward three opinions on the development and growth of enterprises. First, through the platform of the Municipal General Chamber of Commerce, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with enterprises in different fields, share resources and expand diversified markets; The second is to develop new products, integrate with Kunqu opera, water town humanities and other characteristic cultural elements, and become bigger and stronger; Third, product sales should be both domestic and foreign, and constantly enhance market competitiveness.