[Hot Spots] The General Administration of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development Center in New York, USA, visited and exchanged ideas this week.


2023-04-18 15:50

On October 30th, 2017, Kunshan "Juli Innovation" Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair and the signing ceremony of major projects were held in Kunshan. On the morning of the same day, the Director-General of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development Center in New York, USA, and his party came to Zhouzhuang to investigate the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in cultural tourism as an important guest of this golden autumn economic and trade, accompanied by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Zhang Feng, secretary of the town Party Committee, and Yuan Ting, member of the Party Committee.

The research team first came to Jiangsu Chenyu Culture and Art Co., Ltd., visited the production workshop and cultural exhibition hall, and learned about the corporate culture and business route. After learning that the number of copyrighted works of Chenyu Company accounts for more than 80% of Kunshan, and the export of copyrighted goods ranks among the top five in the world, the Director and his party praised them one after another.

The General Administration of the New York State SME Development Center is the largest SME service department of the US Federal Government and the New York State Government. Its function is to provide all-round services and assistance to existing and newly-started enterprises in New York State, focusing on vigorously supporting scientific and technological enterprises, manufacturing, international trade, and priority development projects that are conducive to investment, job creation and economic growth.

BrianGoldstein, director of the General Administration, said that Zhouzhuang is a small town with profound cultural heritage, and his tolerance, enthusiasm and innovation deeply attracted him. He hoped that the two sides would promote in-depth cooperation between enterprises in the two places in terms of cultural creativity, tourism and holiday and scientific and technological innovation in the future.