Zhouzhuang Chenyu Cultural Creativity Paintings Nuggets Overseas Market


2023-04-18 14:42

Entering Zhouzhuang Cultural and Creative Industry Park, colorful and artistic buildings come into view, where Jiangsu Chenyu Culture and Art Co., Ltd. is located. In the past year, this cultural enterprise with 25 R&D teams and more than 150 painters achieved export sales of more than 30 million yuan. Yu Yuehua, executive vice president of the company, said, "We are engaged in arts and crafts, oil paintings and other painting handicrafts, mainly engaged in creative paintings, which are exported to the United States, Canada, Dubai and other countries and cities. Achieve a 60% annual turnover increase in 2015. "

In the exhibition hall on the first floor of the company, thousands of decorative paintings are dazzling and patchwork, like a gallery as far as the eye can see. In the exhibition hall, a series of decorative paintings with metal texture are convex and concave, with atmospheric texture and eye-catching. Dozens of paintings, such as trains, rails, boats, windmills and airplanes, are vivid and artistic. "This series of decorative paintings is favored by overseas markets." Yu Yuehua introduced that in 2015, this series of nearly 90 paintings brought more than 6.5 million yuan in sales revenue as an enterprise, accounting for a quarter of the total annual income.

Innovation is the magic weapon for enterprises to be invincible. However, it is not easy to create a painting that wins market recognition. Zhao Xinbo is an R&D designer with 10 years' working experience, and also the creator of a series of metallic works: "We seek inspiration according to market trends, understand the overall style and characteristics of current furniture, decoration and furnishings, and create corresponding works. Whether it is color, material or expression, it must keep up with the trend. " Zhao Xinbo said that this series of three-dimensional paintings with metallic texture won the market, and after nearly two years of preliminary exploration. At first, it was a flat oil painting, and later it developed into a color three-dimensional painting. Later, metal and lead elements were introduced to form a gray-black three-dimensional painting. In April 2015, this series of products were well received in the market with their unique metal style.  

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise in an invincible position. Jiangsu Chenyu Culture and Art Co., Ltd. intensified its research and development, integrated the artistic features of Chinese national culture into product design, beautified product modeling and embodied Chinese cultural connotation. These handicrafts are based on decorative articles, which are both ornamental and artistic, and convey the value of Chinese culture and art to the world.

Grasp innovation and development on the one hand and market development on the other. Every spring and autumn Canton Fair, Jiangsu Chenyu Culture and Art Co., Ltd. has set up 4 ~ 6 booths to participate. In addition, the company also built its own cross-border platform, went abroad for exhibitions and cultural visits, and explored the international market. Now, the company's production orders are constantly flowing, and it has established good cooperative relations with more than 20 customers from all over the world. At the end of last year, the company also set up an e-commerce team to start the B2C model and start the domestic market.

"Since the beginning of this year, the company's orders have increased by 50% year-on-year, and the turnover has reached 7 million yuan. It is estimated that the annual operating income will reach 40 million yuan. " Yu Yuehua is full of confidence in the company's development. "We have 12,000 copyrighted products. In the next step, we will continue to increase innovation and make the market road of decorative paintings wider and wider. "